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12/23/22 – Rufus’s Adoption

Rufus was our 200th adoption! The honor could not have gone to a better pup. As soon as he got off the transport bus, Rufus was all wags and smiles. During his short time with us at Grammy Rose, he did double duty as companion playmate to some of our more nervous dogs – he was just that great of a guy. Rufus has found a home in nearby Lebanon with a fantastic family. Jason, Caitlin, their teenage daughter, and their 2 year old chocolate lab are thrilled to have welcomed Rufus into their home. He has quickly settled in to become just another member of the family, which is everything Rufus ever dreamed of. We are so happy for him and his new family, and we will be happy to see him and his new brother for pup cups at Wicky Ralph’s when summer returns! Happy tails buddy!

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