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4/28/23 – Star’s Adoption

A little while ago we made a trip to Maryland to retrieve Star and a few other dogs- but specifically Star because she had a large tumor and was expected to also have cancer. We were fully prepared to be her last stop, and to give her a comfortable place to live out her numbered days.
After a few vet visits, we were beyond thrilled to be able to have the tumor successfully removed, bloodwork come back clean and free of any other issues, followed by a speedy recovery.
Not long after, our wonderful new friend Brenda came seeking a companion. Her original interest in another dog was swayed when she met Star, and after careful heart consideration and a few visits, the pair went happily home together. We have already received updates about how wonderfully Star has settled into her new home. Reportedly she has found every dog bed in the house, claimed each piece of furniture in turn, and sleeps beside Brenda with her head on the pillow- snores and all!
We are so happy to have found special Star such a fantastic home, and we look forward to future visits with Brenda and all the stories they will have to share!

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