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8/12/22 – Lindsey’s Adoption

We’re really happy to share that one of the Shepherd/Cur mix puppies, a gorgeous female named Lindsey, has been adopted.

Pictured are Kim, her two sons age 9 and 12, and sweet Lindsey. The family is currently debating what to call her, and the debate includes whether the puppy will be able to wear pink butterfly collars or wear something a little more neutral. Kim, for her part, is surrounded by males in the house, and is really thrilled to have a female spirit come into the picture (we suspect she may win the collar debate). The family lives in Sanford and has a middle-aged Lab named Shadow that they tell us has already welcomed the sweet girl into their home. The family is planning to include their new arrival in future hunting, fishing and hiking journeys and it’s clear from the picture that our sweet girl will be surrounded by love.

Like all dogs we rescue from elsewhere, “Lindsey” has benefitted from having spent time decompressing and being cared for by our amazing staff and incredible volunteers, and now she’s off to a better life that far exceeds the original hand of cards she was dealt. We’ll take that bet any day!

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