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9/12/22 – Coco’s Adoption

When this sweet Chocolate Lab mix puppy arrived from Texas, she was called Coco. When Coco met her new mom, she got a new name. Say hello to Sasha!

Sasha was adopted by Pat, who lives in nearby Springvale. Pat visited the rescue several times to make sure she and Sasha were meant to be. Once the decision to adopt had been made, Pat put Sasha in a brand new halter and the bonded pair went off into the bright sunshine to start their new life together.

In addition to tons of love and attention from Pat, Sasha will soon be introduced to her canine BFF, a Yellow Lab with whom Sasha gets to have play dates and spend time.

Sasha was a tiny, adorable little thing when she arrived from Texas. In the short time she’s been with us at Grammy Rose, she has grown a little, and she has really taken to living in Maine. We hope Pat and Sasha have many happy years together!

Cocos Adoption Sasha