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9/9/22 – Reba’s Adoption

We’ve come to call Reba our sweet little chocolate kiss, and today, the sweet little chocolate kiss was adopted.

Pictured are Reba and her new mom Dorota who, along with husband Roald and their 3 kids, live in nearby Massachusetts. When we met Dorota, we saw instantly what a caring, nurturing and gentle soul she had, and sweet, lovable snuggle-bug Reba turned out to be the perfect match.

In fact, they bonded instantly, and we know they’ll make a great partnership. Sometimes you can just tell it’s meant to be, and in this case, Reba made it clear that Dorota was “her person”, and that was that.

Dorota told us that her entire family is excited about welcoming this new family member, and we couldn’t be happier to see Reba go from a troubled start in life down in Texas to such a wonderful family here in New England. These happy moments are the reason we’re here.

rebas adoption