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Adoption Update on Baggerah

Adopted on September 27, 2022

About Baggerah

Say hello to Baggerah. Like her black panther namesake she has long, slinky legs and is always on the prowl- for fun! Her deep brown eyes seem to see everything as she sits up on the couch looking down over the rest of the puppies as they play. But if someone gets hold of a squeaky toy- watch out- Baggerah will come steal it! Or engage tug-of-war (her favorite)!

Baggerah and her sister Akula are growing fast, and they don’t understand just how big they’re getting! Both do extremely well when they go out on their trail walks; they are very attentive and receptive to little corrections and bits of training- Baggerah will even sit for treats!

Whatever home Baggerah ends up in, we know she will thrive. Could it be yours?

Let us know your interest in Baggerah