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Adoption Update on Bonnie

Adopted on November 20, 2022

About Bonnie

Meet miss Bonnie blue, the Shepherd mix pup. This little rascal is all paws and pounces. She won’t be little for long though! At about four months old this girl still has plenty of growing left to do. Just like any other playful puppy, Bonnie likes to find trouble in the name of play. Digging holes, wrestle and rough-house, keep away the toy – you know, the fun things. And when all the wiggles have been wagged, Bonnie will seek out the snuggles and try to crawl into your lap- it’s cute and adorable now, but in six months she probably won’t fit!

Bonnie plays well with her other puppy friends, she has quite a vocal play style. She is also curious and observant, going off to sit at the top of the hill and look over the yard and sniff whatever the breeze may carry. Bonnie will fit into just about any style of household, as she is still young enough to be brought up however you would like. Either together or separate from her sister Erica, we know Bonnie will easily find a loving New England home, could it be yours?

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