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Adoption Update on Bruce

Adopted on November 25, 2022

About Bruce

Bruce the blonde dalmatian! Okay, not really, but he kind of looks like it. What we have says lab mix, so that’s what we’ll go with. This bundle of lanky legs and floppy ears will put a smile on your face. Bruce has mountains of character, as well as heaps of energy and spirit. At around 10 months old, he goes from zooming around the yard, to wrestling playtime with vocals, to plopped on the floor panting, and back through the loop again three times in ten minutes. He’s silly and goofy and wonderful in all the best ways.

Bruce gets along well with his puppy friends, leading playtime ALL the way around our huge play park. He does have a streak of possessive toy and food aggression, so other dogs beware, Bruce don’t share! He is young enough to be trained out of it though, right now he’s just the biggest boy in puppy land and thinks he’s the boss.

Bruce is a high energy guy, and so would probably be best in a house with older kids (he might jump on and knock smaller kids over) or a young couple who likes to hike or outdoors in general – and we’ve got plenty of outdoor lovers here in Maine! He will make some lucky New Englanders very happy.

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