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Adoption Update on Cali

Adopted on March 21, 2023

About Cali

Give a big happy hello to Cali! This energetic little girl wants to be your best friend, involved in ALL the business. Cali loves engaging playtime with people, which we realized was because she seems to not know how to play with toys by herself, but she’s getting the hang of it! She’s a smart little thing who already knows sit, and she has not had any accidents in her room. She also LOVES the snow- crazy, prancing zoomies all over the place when there’s fluffy snow to play in. Overall, Cali is just happy go lucky and will brighten up whatever home she lands in.


Cali Facts:

  • Pint sized, perfect for adventures!
  • Settles down nicely when given a teddy to suckle on
  • Wants to be where the people are


Best Home Fit:

  • Energetic household, Cali likes to be part of the action
  • Either older kids or no kids (she can be jumpy)
  • Would like to be an only pet
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