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Adoption Update on Celeste

Adopted on September 5, 2022

About Celeste

We recently had a special delivery of Lab mix puppies from our friends at Freedom Street Rescue in Texas.  They are all about 9-10 pounds and they’re about 12 weeks old.

This charming girl is Celeste, who has apparently appointed herself leader of the puppy gang. Celeste is outgoing and very playful, and always seems to be at the heart of things – think of her as the instigator of puppy playtime shenanigans.

Like all of these puppies, she’s a playful and rambunctious until it’s time for a nap! Then you are in for a good cuddle session. If she is lucky enough to get hold of a particularly good stick, sure enough the rest of the puppies will all scramble for it in a pitter patter of paws.

Each of these sweet girls will make wonderful companions in just about any style of household, ready and primed to be trained to fit into your family’s lifestyle.


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