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Adoption Update on Daisy

Adopted on December 7, 2022

About Daisy

Meet Daisy, a beautiful year old shepherd mix. She and her sister Dixie were picked up stray in Texas, and fortunately were able to be transported up to us. These two are peas in a pod, attached at the hip, any other “inseparable pair” saying you’d like, however they don’t like to share a sleeping space (unless it’s a couch)! These darlings are still working out how to live in a house- they have the whole relaxing on the couch thing down, but are a bit scared of just about everything else. They are getting more comfortable each day, and it would seem they are just learning what toys are and how to play with them.

They have very sweet temperaments and love to get scratches, giving small kisses in return. They are easily led by their collars when it’s time to go back to their rooms, or walk well in harnesses- though they’ll pull to get to each other if separated.

Daisy is a bit more outgoing than her sister, and in terms of looks she has a darker coloration on her face as well as an ear that likes to stand up most of the time. Whether they go to their new homes together or not, these girls will need some time to adjust and learn the rules. We are sure that Daisy will find a wonderfully loving family who will give her the patience and training she needs to be a fantastic life long friend.

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