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Adoption Update on Daphne

Adopted on December 5, 2022

About Daphne

Daphne is full of spunk. This little girl is the life of the party and will prove it every moment she is around. Daphne loves to pounce and play with her other pup friends here at the rescue, sometimes a little too much! She is independent, impish, and an instigator- but when caught in the act will sit at attention and give you the best puppy-dog eyes you’ve ever seen. When it is time to go to bed she is a very good girl and stays quiet in her room.

We don’t know what kind of mutt Daphne is, her coloring looks shepherd-ish, but at 8 months and 25 pounds she is not going to be all that large once fully grown. Daphne will likely fit in well in just about any household that is willing to A) train her, and B) wait it out until after crazy puppy playtime for some of the best sleepy snuggles you’ll ever experience. And that fur! So soft. Daphne will bring energy and fun to whatever home she ends up in, and we can’t wait to see who this little vixen will charm.

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