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Adoption Update on India

Adopted on October 24, 2022

About India

Fabulous India, ruler of the roost and conqueror of couches. India is an older lady who knows what she wants- and that is a soft place to lay the day away. As soon as we let her into the living room of her cabin, India hopped right up onto the sofa to stake her claim. She is still quite active, and enjoys going on decently long walks. Her pretty pink harness keeps her sporty appearance up just long enough to make it convincing before heading back into her house to rest. Every once in a while she will rise from her roost to collect the pets and ear rubs she is due, and if not freely given she will tell you all about how she deserves them.

India doesn’t mind other dogs one way or the other, just so long as they don’t disturb her beauty rest. She will make a wonderful companion in a quiet home, and we look forward to meeting the lucky folks who add her to their lives.

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