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Adoption Update on Frosty

Adopted on December 23, 2022

About Frosty

Meet our little Frosted Flake- Frosty for short. This little girl is full of spunk and puppy curiosity. Wherever the action is, that’s where Frosty wants to be. She’s still so small we haven’t been able to glean any breed-specific qualities from her, but her papers say Boxer mix so that’s what we’ll go with! Expect her to be a medium-larger dog when fully grown. Things frosty has in common with her “breed” are lots of bouncy energy, an instigating nature, and bounds of cuteness at every turn. Those little brown spots on her head give way to an otherwise all white body- the perfect frosted flake!

Frosty gets along very well with her puppy playmates, and would be a great fit in just about any family. Like any puppy, she will require lots of patience and love going into her training. We have no doubt some lucky locals will fall in love with this beautiful little girl!

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