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About Kevin

Kevin: Strong, smart, and snuggly.  Kevin will make some lucky folks a very loyal companion, however they will need to be a specific type of people. This is a young, healthy dog with a strong legs and a stronger will. Kevin will need an owner willing to devote time to constant and consistent training- perhaps even give him a job to do. He would be happiest if he could be your constant companion, and is content to sleep in the corner of the same room as you while you are busy (work from home?)- after he’s been thoroughly exercised of course.

Kevin is a very smart dog- and sometimes smart means trouble. He can open doors with lever handles, open cabinets, and even wiggle his way out of a not-so-sturdy crate. We have been working with him on his anxiety and he does well with puzzle toys, but nothing can compare to the type of consistency he would get from an owner giving him “work” to do. Kevin gets along well with other dogs his size, and is even submissive, but doesn’t like when other dogs are too “bitey” and dominant in their play style. Cats or smaller pets are a no-go. Due to his high energy and anxiety he would be best in an adult-only household (at the very least older teens) as he can be a bit too strong for small people- even small adults.

Kevin’s favorite thing is to go for walks, tree squirrels, and pull you up steep hills. If it’s been a bit since he’s gone out he will even lead you back to where his harness and leash hang and give not-so-subtle glances in their direction. After a good walk he loves to get snuggly on the couch- preferably on your lap or leaned up against you while receiving belly rubs- then let the snores commence!

Kevin is very responsive to training, and wants nothing more than to be with his person and please them.  We would like for whoever falls in love with him to work with our trainer here for several visits to learn about handling Kevin, his cues, and how best to continue his training at home. Kevin will be a challenge, but for the right person, he will be the best lifelong companion.



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Visit Us and Meet Kevin

Kevin can’t wait to meet you and neither can we! Schedule an appointment with us, tour our facility!