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Adoption Update on Krystie

Adopted on January 13, 2023

About Krystie

Say hello to Krystie. This adorable little girl has that puppy look, but she is fully grown! She and her almost-twin Jenna are part of the “beagle group”, but we don’t know what other breeds she might have mixed in. Krystie is sweet, small, and oh-so-snugglable. When not partaking in marathon couch cuddle sessions, Krystie likes to chew on the odd toy, or go for a romp ‘n’ play out in the yard. She gets along well with her other doggy pals in play group as well. Krystie fancies herself a bit of a guard dog, but as soon as whoever she’s barking at offers a pet she melts into wiggles of love. Krystie is not quite potty trained, but she has easy to read cues and is getting used to our routines. As long as she has enough visits to potty-land she is all good. Krystie is playful, confident, and an absolute joy to have around. She will easily fit into just about any lifestyle, and we are looking forward to meeting the lucky folks who promise her a forever home.

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