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Adoption Update on Nick

Adopted on March 8, 2023

About Nick

What to say about fuzzy little fluffball puppies? Scruffy schnauzer snoots and bopping bouncing bums that are cute to boot! Nick and his sister Noel are full of all manner of puppy mischief, ready to pounce and play, run through the snow, and then find a good snuggly spot to hunker down and snooze until it’s time to do it all over again.


We are not able to fully potty train them here, however these puppies are actually quite good about holding it until we come around every hour or two. Of course there are still puppy piddles inside from time to time, so all the real training will have to be done by whomever takes them home. These little fluffballs are sure to bring fuzzy warm joy to whatever homes they land in.


Mom is a medium size, about 30 pounds. We are unsure what dad may have been, but please expect at least a medium sized dog when these pups are fully grown.

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