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Adoption Update on Peaches

Adopted on January 26, 2023

About Peaches

Meet Princess Peaches. This happy gal is always wiggling and wagging, THRILLED to make your acquaintance. Watch out, that wagging tail might be a weapon! Peaches is an energetic girl with a ride-or-die attitude. She likes to play with other dogs, but might be a bit too much for those who are not quite as effervescent. Peaches is submissive though, she just really wants to play. After playtime, Peaches makes a great cuddling companion, or even puts herself to bed in her crate, bringing her bowl along for good measure.

Peaches Facts:

  • Enthusiastic about any activity, does pull a bit on the leash
  • The prettiest eyes and coloring you ever did see
  • Gives sweet kisses when settled down
  • Housebroken


Best Home Fit:

  • Perhaps an equally energetic playmate or two
  • Big yard or lots of walks and excursions
  • Lively household with lots of entertainment
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