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Adoption Update on Peyton

Adopted on October 14, 2022

About Peyton

Meet Peyton, a quiet and pensive little lady who would like a home just as subdued as she is. Peyton is slow to come out of her shell, but she is very gentle and gets along well with all of the dogs we have introduced her to.  Peyton is Basenji and perhaps Chihuahua? mix, giving her lovely long legs and adorably large ears to balance out her big brown eyes.

Peyton is a bit like a little deer, curious but careful. Every once in a while she’ll try to join into playtime with Gumbo, but then quickly seems to get overwhelmed and isn’t quite sure how to just let loose and play. We think with a bit more time and space, Peyton will come around and become the dog she was always meant to be. Her previous foster home say that she is just the sweetest thing once she is comfortable and trusting of her environment.

Somewhere around here there is a family who is perfect for Peyton, willing to let her do her own thing and accept her love when she is ready.

Let us know your interest in Peyton