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About Ruby

Meet Ruby, a beautiful medium sized hound mix looking for love. Ruby came from an unfortunate situation that broke her trust in humans, but she has made incredible strides and now wants nothing more than to lay across your lap and receive never ending belly rubs.

Ruby facts:

  • Loves to go for a good walk or hike, but only if she can be a couch potato the rest of the day
  • Queen bee- Ruby gets along with other dogs as long as they let her be alpha. She enjoys short pup-on-pup play sessions
  • Her favorite thing is sitting in the sunshine for a spell. Better yet, belly crawling through the grass on a nice, sunny day.

Best home fit:

  • Quiet and calm household without much foot traffic. Ruby needs to take all introductions to new people slowly.
  • Lots of couch cuddle time with her humans
  • A sunny spot to lay in, perhaps near a window with a view

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