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Adoption Update on Stella

Adopted on May 12, 2023

About Stella

Say hello to sweet Stella! Giant, gorgeous, and genteel, this lovely lady is shepherd through and through. She will need lots of exercise and brain enrichment to keep her at her best. Her previous foster says she is high energy she loves to go for lots of walks and to play in water. Stella seems to prefer men- not that she doesn’t like women, we have just noticed that when a man she’s been interacting with leaves her cabin she watches them wistfully until they are out of sight


Stella Facts:

  • Large lady with a matching personality
  • Great lover of belly rubs
  • Enjoys water and lots of excercise
  • Knows sit and down, and we think maybe has been trained to not get on furniture


Best Home Fit:

  • No cats
  • Due to strength and energy, not recommended for very young or older folks
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