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Adoption Update on Taz

Adopted on December 7, 2022

About Taz

Taz is a heart thief. Seriously. He’s an easy favorite with everyone who meets this puppy crew. This guy has oodles of charm and character, from the tiger stripes between his big puppy dog eyes, all the way down to that cute curlicue of his tail. Taz is a fan of kisses and cuddles- both giving and receiving. He enjoys playtime with the other pups and gets along with everyone, but is also one of the first to break away to be on his own with a bone.

At around 6 months old, Taz still has plenty of growing to do, and will likely be on the larger side. As far as young dogs go he is quite calm, but that’s not to say he still doesn’t get the puppy zoomies from time to time.

Taz is the kind of guy you have to meet to understand just how much love he exudes. We are certain some lucky locals will fall in love with him immediately. Wherever Taz ends up, he is sure to make the best lifelong friend.

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