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Adoption Update on Trixie

Adopted on September 8, 2022

About Trixie

We recently had a special delivery of Lab mix puppies from our friends at Freedom Street Rescue in Texas.  They are all about 9-10 pounds and they’re about 12 weeks old.

Trixie is the smallest of her litter, but the biggest in personality! She always has something to say about any situation, inputting her tiny puppy howls or doling out kisses as she sees fit.  Spend five minutes with her and you’ll fall in love.

Like all of her young sisters, she’s a playful and rambunctious pup – until it’s time for a nap! Then you are in for a good cuddle session. If she is lucky enough to get hold of a particularly good stick, sure enough the rest of the puppies will all scramble for it in a pitter patter of paws. A young volunteer spent some time with her and when it was time to part company, she smiled and said, “She’s just cute.  That’s all I got!”

Each of these sweet girls will make wonderful companions in just about any style of household, ready and prime to be trained to fit into your lifestyle.

Let us know your interest in Trixie