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Adoption Update on Tyler

Adopted on January 14, 2024

About Tyler

Meet Tyler, a very handsome Shar Pei mix.  He’s a little over 2 years old, and came to us from Prince George’s County Maryland and our friends at the animal shelter there.

Prior to arriving at the shelter in Maryland, Tyler was attacked and mauled by a pack of stray dogs.  When we drove down to pick him up, he had been treated medically and was physically healed, but for much of his time with us, he’s been understandably traumatized and terrified.

We’re really pleased to share that over the past few months, he’s made great progress and has come to trust our staff who have been slowly helping him to come out of the protective bubble of his room and crate and be part of the goings on at the rescue.  Small steps have led to big strides, but to come full circle, Tyler is looking for a loving home to settle in and relax.

Tyler is a gentle soul with a heart of gold who longs for love and understanding.  He may not be ready for physical touch just yet, but beneath those cautious eyes is a heart yearning for a connection.  While it may take time for Tyler to build trust because of the challenges he has faced, once a bond is formed, it will be unbreakable and incredibly rewarding.  With patience and care, you’ll witness the transformation of a timid soul into a loyal and loving companion.  Tyler reminds us that trust is a precious gift, that once earned, creates a bond like no other.  If you are ready to invest in the journey of a lifetime and are a kind and patient soul who believes in the power of unconditional love, Tyler is ready to be your loyal and unwavering friend.

For Tyler, the right family who understands his situation and provides him patience and a loving home will help him to truly blossom.  Like all dogs we save and bring to Maine, Tyler deserves a second chance at a better life.  If you’re interested in meeting Tyler, please call us toll-free at 1-844-DOG-LIFE (1-844-364-5433).

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