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Adoption Update on Whoopi

Adopted on September 15, 2022

About Whoopi

Our three little Boxer puppies are always together and we sort of think of them as one squishy, snuggly and wiggly pile of puppies, so we’d like to share their stories as a single tale (with three tails – get it?) but with their individual pictures.
Whoopi is an adorable female with white paws and a white chin. She and her two brothers came to us from our amazing rescue partners at Ranger’s Reach Rescue in Texas, and since the moment they arrived, it’s been non-stop puppy fun.
Typical Boxer breed characteristics include being friendly, intelligent, energetic, cheerful, playful, and bright. These kiddos have that in spades. Our staff and volunteers can’t get enough of them, particularly when they’re in the play yard. They’re adorable, playful, mischievous, and just fun to be with. At about 12 weeks old, they’re very curious and enjoy chewing on sticks, biting at the grass, and all the fun stuff little tyke dogs do.
They play hard, they eat well and if you’re on the couch and you can get them to stop moving, they’ll eventually fall asleep all piled on top of each other in your lap.
As they grow and mature, we’re sure they’ll become upstanding canine citizens, and we can’t wait to see who falls in love with each of them (and vice versa).
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