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Adoption Update on Willow

Adopted on March 8, 2023

About Willow

Hello Willow! What a perfect name for this springy and spry little girl. Willow is an absolute darling – just look at those house-elf ears and baby blues! Willow is always up for a good zoom session in the yard or park. A spunky little spaz, you’d think this dainty whip of a thing would shiver on sight of snow, but instead she LOVES it! Snow zoomies abound, and then right back into the couch for cuddles and belly rubs.


Willow facts:

  • Dainty and delightful
  • Loves to run, run, run
  • Marvelous medium/small size fully grown


Best Home Fit:

  • Anywhere she can get good exercise
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