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Winston & Agnew


Adoption Update on Winston & Agnew

Adopted on July 20, 2023

About Winston & Agnew

Meet the fabulous duo of Winston and Agnew! These bonded boys were with one owner for a very long time until their death, and then in another home for a good while until circumstances changed. After a stint in the shelter system they hopped a ride from TX to ME, and they are loving life in the pine tree state! Read on for the account from their most recent caretakers before coming to Maine:

Agnew is the sweetest old gentleman. He is approximately 12 years old and healthy as can be. He is a LOVE BUG…..his favorite place is anywhere his humans are. He is the epitome of the perfect lap dog. If you are sitting down…he will be sleeping in your lap or at your feet. He’s laid back and very low key. He is a true couch potato or can be found lazing in the sun when outside. Winston is approximately 7 years old and a bit more playful and likes to play with other dogs. He is deaf however. Because he is deaf….he  can be cranky if other dogs “come in hot” and/or get in his face. Introductions need to be made slow and in a manner where he isn’t startled. 

Both boys are dog friendly and have the sweetest personalities. While they are the “odd couple,” they must find a home together. With Winston being deaf..he depends on Agnew for security. Winston was found in a dumpster at approximately 8 weeks by his human mama. He was injured and sick and he bonded deeply with his big brother. And the feeling was a mutual one. 

They are both house trained, and they prefer to sleep with their humans but are also fans of the crate. Winston typically like to have a crate as “home base” where he feels safe. He sleeps hard and makes his fosters just a bit jealous 😅. Wherever they end up sleeping….they usually end up in the same room. They are both just as happy outside as they are inside and they both love “Walkies” (that’s what mom used to call it) and car rides. They are both great with kids of all sizes.

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