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Adoption Update on Zorro

Adopted on November 11, 2022

About Zorro

Meet Zorro, seeker of laps to lounge on and toys to play tug with. This adorable young man has the softest, slightly curled fur, floppy ears, and big brown eyes you could just swim in. He likes to be wherever the people are, and if you happen to forget he’s there- never fear- he will put himself right in your line of sight to remind you. Zorro gets along well enough with other dogs, though he can be a little toy possessive at times- and gets vocal about it. He’s vocal at other times as well, like when playing tug of war, or will especially let you know just how he feels about being put back in his room.

Zorro is a little under a year old and about 20lbs, so he will not get much bigger, but perhaps fill out some. He will likely fit in just about anywhere, but he would LOVE to have a lap to sit on most of the time, and might get a bit jealous if he isn’t the center of attention. I mean, how could he not be with his fabulous coat- all the way down to the silly white tuft at the end of his tail. We are confident that Zorro will find his humans quickly at Grammy Rose, and we are just as eager to meet them as he is!

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