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Four Hundred Pounds of Feel Good!

(9/23/2023) At Grammy Rose, we are so amazed at the support and love we get from the local community. We never know where the next good deed is going to come from and our gratitude is beyond measurable.

This one happened this morning, and it literally blew us away. Pictured are Corey and friends from P&E Supply, a local plumbing supply company that was actually involved in the construction of our beautiful campus. Corey and his friends are motorcycle folks, and for the second year in a row, they did a charity ride in which participants were asked to donate a bag of Purina Pro Plan dog food (the food of choice here) for Grammy Rose. Corey and his team arrived this morning, backed up a massive pickup truck to the welcome center door, and unloaded over 400 pounds of our favorite food for the pups. We took them up to the cabin that currently houses all the puppies that came from Louisiana last week, and suffice it to say there was a lot of hugging, cuddling and love shared by all. We’re pretty certain Corey and his wife are going to come back and snatch up one of the pups. Just sayin’…. To our friends at P&E – thanks for the quality plumbing, thanks for your enduring friendship, and thanks most of all for your incredible generosity with this massive donation that will get put to good use. We are truly blessed to be part of this amazing southern Maine community!

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