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6/15/22 – Reba’s Adoption

Our sweet girl Reba has been adopted!

Reba, pictured at right, was adopted by Margo, who lives right here in Acton. Margo has a mixed family -when she arrived to meet Reba, she shared that she has a 20 year old cat and a bird at home.

Our volunteer trainer Greg took Reba to visit the family in their home to see how Reba would get along with the cat and the bird. It went famously, actually. Reba did great. The cat dig great. The bird did great. And Margo and Greg watched it all happen and knew it was a good fit.

We’re excited for Margo and Reba, who will be taking lots of walks around the neighborhood loop together. We are also happy to know that Reba will bask in the love of Margo and will enjoy the “tolerance” of the queen kitty.

We are so excited for sweet Reba. She came a long way from Texas, but now she’s in the right place with a loving family, and we’re really happy for all of them!