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6/16/22 – A Visit From the Hamsters

Generally speaking, the rescue is a peaceful, quiet haven for our canine guests. Yesterday for a brief moment, the roar of about a dozen beautiful motorcycles could be heard outside the welcome center, and the amazing people you see in the picture at right climbed off of them. The small group of riders is part of a larger group called the Hamsters, a 45-year old motorcycle organization that is focused on enjoyable rides and doing good wherever they go.

One of our very loyal volunteers, Al, is a member of the group and asked if he could invite them to see the rescue. We were honored to provide them with a tour including some hugs and snuggles with some of our dogs in residence, they toured the mini-golf course that will open in a few days, and we treated them to some ice cream before they continued their trip down to the Sanford area for lunch.

The entire group LOVED the rescue and the mini-golf course, and we’re pretty sure they would have all taken seconds on the ice cream if they weren’t headed to lunch. Needless to say we’re deeply grateful for the love and support the group shared, and for the new friendships we made in the process.