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6/16/22 – Squash’s Adoption

We’re big fans of making sure the entire family is good with a potential adoption, and in this case, it wasn’t good, it was GREAT!

Our buddy Squash had a visit the other day from Andrew and Sarah who are in the picture to the right. They met and fell instantly in love with Squash, had a great romp with him in the play yard, and asked about adopting him.

Rescue Manager Cindy learned that Squash would be gaining a canine brother, a young Shepherd mix named Chief. She suggested that Chief and Squash meet to make sure it was a good fit altogether, so they returned today with Chief in tow.

Chief and Squash sniffed, circled, paced, and then they literally smiled at each other, and looked up at all of us as if to say, “Yeah, we’re good. Let’s do this!” The meeting went quite well, the adoption was sealed, and all that was left was the new family’s picture outside the adoption center. It took a few takes because we couldn’t get Chief to sit still, but in the end, we got a great shot of this awesome family.

Squash may have had a rough start to life in Texas, but the magic of Grammy Rose and our careful matching process brought Andrew and Sarah and Chief to our doorstep, and the rest is history. We wish the young family well!