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6/17/22 – A Mammoth Donation From a Pint-Sized Donor

The generosity and thoughtfulness of our neighbors here in Acton never cease to amaze us. The adorable young lady grinning at right with our rescue manager Cindy Norwood, is Rebeka. Rebeka and her family live right around the corner and have watched the rescue campus come to life over the past 18 months.

Last weekend, Rebeka set up a table at a local craft fair to raise money for Grammy Rose. She purchased and sold donuts to those attending the fair, and today she dropped off a thick envelope of the cash she collected – a whopping $186! After taking the picture, we took Rebeka and her mom to the ice cream shop and let them sample the ice cream we’ll be selling from the shop starting this weekend. As you might imagine, it got rave reviews… the grins got bigger!

Our local community has truly embraced the rescue, and has made us feel very welcome. The generosity we see every day from young well-wishers like Rebeka and many others who have dropped off blankets, food, cash donations and other items is unbelievable. Each of these moments make us all realize how important community is. We are truly grateful for all the love and generosity from our community – any beyond!

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