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7/14/22 – Zeus’s Adoption

Sometimes the stars align just right in a very worthy dog’s life. This is one of those moments, and we’re all bouncing off the walls with joy about this one. Zeus has been adopted by a pretty amazing dog lover.

The guy in the picture on the right is Ryan, who told us he saw Zeus online and couldn’t stop thinking about him. Ryan puts over 33,000 miles on the road each year, and needs a worthy companion. When he read that Zeus likes to ride, he reached out and made an appointment to meet the mighty Zeus. It was clear from the moment they met that Ryan and Zeus were meant for each other – the bond was instant and solid.

After they visited and bonded, our rescue manager suggested Ryan take Zeus for a ride. Some time later Ryan and Zeus returned, utterly triumphant. The adoption was agreed upon, Ryan made a marvelous donation on top of the adoption fee (thank you Ryan!) and Zeus spent his last night with us.

Zeus has quickly made himself a home with Ryan, and we couldn’t be happier for both of them.

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