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7/15/22 – Sammy’s Adoption

Just look at that little Chihuahua face. That’s one happy little fellow… and that’s the understatement of the day. Sammy has been adopted.

Pictured with Sammy are Jeff and Colleen, who live in Berwick. When Jeff and Colleen told us they were looking for a little dog with some personality, we brought them to Sammy, who didn’t disappoint. It was a wonderful meeting, and the decision to adopt was quickly made.

Sammy will have a frequent “part-time” sibling to play with. Jeff and Colleen dog sit for their daughter-in-law’s dog while she works, and Sammy will enjoy the company. Jeff and Colleen also have some very dog-friendly cats and since Sammy is about their size, it will be fun to see them all play and hang out together.

Colleen is an all-season walker, and will be taking Sammy with her on her daily jaunts. Sammy is full of energy and will really enjoy this special time outside with Colleen every day. From our short time with him, we know he loves the outdoors, so this is really going to be great for him.

Sammy may have had a rough start down in Texas, but the calming breeze and nurturing atmosphere at Grammy Rose and the arrival of Jeff and Colleen on our doorstep has changed all that, and we’re super excited to have helped Sammy start a new, better chapter to his life!

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