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7/29/22 – Dakota’s Adoption

Sometimes it’s an instant match, and we LOVE those moments.

Pictured are our beautiful girl Dakota, who came to use from Midland Texas, and Charles, who happily lent his lap for the picture.

Charles and his wife Carol live right here in Acton with their son. Charles is retired, and was looking for a great dog to be his constant companion. When he and Dakota met, the connection was instant and you could just see in Dakota’s eyes how happy she was to have found Charles.

Likewise, Charles is thrilled to have a companion and his son is equally excited to have a hiking and exercise pal. Let’s just call it a win-win-win!

Dakota started life under less than ideal conditions in Texas, but thanks to the group that brought her to Maine and the love and care she has received here at Grammy Rose, she is ready to restart life with a great family, and now has a bright and happy future to look forward to.

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