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8/14/22 – Athena & Roman’s Adoption

Siblings Athena and Roman have been adopted – together!

Jenni and Nicholas live in nearby Sanbornville NH, and came to visit to meet what they thought would be their first dog together. When they met Athena and Roman and saw the bond between them, they instantly decided to welcome both of them into their home.

Jenni is a dog groomer, and can take the dogs with her to work whenever she wishes. Suffice it to say that someone who makes a living taking care of dogs knows what’s what, and these gorgeous pups are in for a great life to be sure!

We heard from Jenni a day or so after they brought Athena and Roman home, and she tells us they are adjusting nicely to their new home and environs. We’re looking forward to checking in with them from time to time, but Jenni tells us they intend to visit for ice cream soon, and will bring Athena and Roman with them to say hello.

We’ll be here with open arms. To our pals Athena and Roman – congratulations on landing such a great future. We’re so very happy you got to stay together!