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8/15/22 – Drake’s Adoption

We’re pretty excited to share that our buddy Drake has been adopted!

Meet Susan and her two kids who live in South Berwick. Dad wasn’t able to make the picture but in all, they’re a family of four plus one – the gorgeous lab you see in the picture is their rescue dog Phoebe.

It was hard to tell who was more excited when this group met for the first time – the kids were utterly delighted, Drake was running around like a happy-crazy dog, Phoebe was clearly happy to meet her new younger brother, and Susan took it all in with motherly affection.

Drake has a great future ahead of him. Susan tells us that he’ll likely sleep with and be primarily trained by her daughter, and we learned after they got home that Drake will be going on his first camping trip with the family very soon.

Our rescue manager Cindy picked Drake to be part of a recent transport from Texas, and Susan and her family are glad he was chosen. His freedom ride brought him to Grammy Rose and ultimately into the loving arms of this wonderful family. Happy Tails, Drake!

Drakes Adoption 1