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8/3/22 – Pippi & Munji’s Adoption

It’s another twofer, folks! Pippi and Munji have been adopted!

Carol and Larry live in Berwick, and have a 12 year old dog named Chloe who needed some lively company. When they visited the rescue, they met Pippi and Munji and fell in love with both of them. In the end and after some debate, they couldn’t decide on just one and took them both home to meet Chloe and see how everyone got along. Suffice it to say it went well.

They were all so excited that we didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo, but Carol sent us this photo she took of them that clearly shows the two pretty much completely chilled out and happy in their new home. In addition to keeping Chloe company, Munji and Pippi will get to take walks, go for hikes, and play in their new back yard.

Pippi and Munji arrived together from Texas, and got the rare opportunity to leave together to start a new and better life with Carol and Larry. We hope they all live happily ever after!