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8/7/22 – Mikey’s Adoption

Mikey, one of the Shepherd/Cur mix puppies that came to us from our good friends at Freedom Street Rescue in Texas, was adopted by our very own Devon and Chrissy.

Devon and Chrissy are part of the Grammy Rose team, and volunteered to drive the transport van to meet up with the Texas transport that brought the squirming brood to us. When the van arrived at the rescue, Chrissy jumped from the passenger seat with a huge smile. She said that when they met up with the Texas transport, their eyes went straight to Mikey, and before they even got on the road, the couple knew they would be adopting Mikey and bringing him home.

Devon and Chrissy have 3 other dogs – Junior, Sammy and Bobo. Chrissy tells us that Mikey’s personality fits right in and they’re gearing up for a lifetime of adventures with Mikey and his brothers.

We asked Chrissy and Devon if their family of pups is now complete. They looked at each other and grinned. Only time will tell.

Mikey and his siblings had a rocky start to life, but thanks to a freedom ride from Texas and being in the right place at the right time, Mikey gained a big family and has a far better destiny ahead of him.

Mikeys Adoption