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9/5/22 – Celeste’s Adoption

Sweet Celeste has a new family and a new home!

Celeste is relocating to Roslindale Massachusetts and will be living with Ellen and Kyle and their two kids.

The family lost a dog in March and has felt incomplete since that time. When they met Celeste, they realized she was the missing piece. The family has a great fenced in yard and Celeste will have plenty of space and company to play, she’ll be walking and hiking, and she’ll be visiting Maine often as the family has a lake cabin near the rescue.

Ellen told us the family fully expects any dog to be a member of the family, and we truly enjoyed watching them interact with sweet Celeste.

From Texas to the nurturing environment here at the rescue and now on to Massachusetts… for Celeste, life is good, and we couldn’t be happier!

Celestes Adoption