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9/2/22 – Tilly’s Adoption

We’re excited to share that Tilly has been adopted. Shown in the picture with Tilly is Joseph, who lives in Alfred. It turns out that Joseph had an extraordinarily great day the day he brought Tilly home – earlier on the same day his daughter had a baby!

Tilly is Joseph’s first dog in several years. He’s a local truck driver, and happened to be playing golf and eating some ice cream when he ventured into the welcome center and asked about adopting a dog. He met Tilly, and fell instantly in love. When he returned to pick Tilly up, he was all smiles… and when Tilly saw him, she had the same reaction.

From a rough start in Texas to the loving arms of a great guy, Tilly’s circumstances have improved dramatically. And soon she’ll have a baby cousin (Joseph’s granddaughter) to get to know and love as well!

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