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8/28/22 – Chico’s Adoption

Chico has been adopted, and was renamed Cooper in the process. He’s also relocated to Massachusetts to live with his new family.

Pictured with Cooper are Douglas, Kim and their 8 year old twins who welcomed Cooper into their family with open arms. We saw it happen – it was literally love at first sight when the family and our pal Cooper met. In spite of having a bunch of puppies and other dogs to choose from, this match was sealed almost instantly.

The family tells us that Cooper will be the fifth member of their family, and will go where they go and do what they do. We heard from them a couple of days after Cooper arrived home, and the family told us he was doing well, fitting right in, and was loving his new home.

Cooper came to us from a rough start in Texas as Chico, and left the rescue as Cooper with a new family and a new life to look forward to! We’re thrilled for the entire family.

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