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9/5/22 – Sweet Pea’s Adoption

Meet John and Sherry, who, along with their 3 year old Chiweenie Roxie have adopedd our beautiful girl Sweet Pea. In the picture, John is holding Roxie and Sherry is holding Sweet Pea.

The family lives in nearby Shapleigh, and John and Sherry are retired, and spend all their time with Roxie and now get to share that life with Sweet Pea. They told us that they wanted another dog to round out their home, and to provide a playmate for Roxie. They have a fenced in yard where the pups get to play, and they love going for walks, playing hide and seek, and taking road trips with their dogs.

The match was almost instant, and Roxie took to Sweet Pea with the same enthusiasm and heart as did John and Sherry. We’re really excited for Sweet Pea as she has clearly landed in a great place to start a new, better chapter to her life. We hope they’ll stay in touch as we all grew fond of Sweet Pea during her short time with us.

Sweet Peas Adoption