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9/6/2022 – Bindi’s Adoption

Bindi, one of our black and white puppies from Texas, has been adopted.

Brenda (pictured with Bindi) and Craig live in nearby East Wakefield New Hampshire, and were looking for a playmate for their new German Shepherd puppy. Ironically, Bindi and the Shepherd pup are the same age and when they met, we all knew they had each found their canine BFF. The staff who were with Brenda when she introduced the two said that it was instant and that they immediately began to romp and play.

Brenda and Craig have a huge back yard for the two puppies to run around and play together, and they have big plans for family walks and other outings.

We all have soft spots for the little tykes that make their way to Grammy Rose from not-so-great starts in life. In this case, we watched Bindi and her new BFF jump into the car together, knowing that Bindi had found a far better situation and will have a far better life having passed through our rescue and our loving arms.

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