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9/8/22 – Trixie’s Adoption

Sweet little Trixie, one of our “Oreo” puppies, has been adopted.

Trixie will be relocating to the town of Grey, where she’ll be living with Patrick, Megan, and their 3 year old daughter. Patrick and Megan told us that the family was ready for a dog, and they specifically wanted a puppy so that the puppy could grow up and develop along side their daughter.

After meeting Trixie, they let us know they wanted to adopt her, and Patrick was so excited that he came to the rescue straight from work to pick up Trixie, which is why the rest of the family didn’t make the picture. And Trixie was here, ready and wagging her tail, as if she knew what was coming.

We couldn’t be happier about this adoption – it was meant to be. Trixie will be surrounded by love and attention, and gets a new human sister in the process. We hope they grow up well together!

Trixies Adoption