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10/14/22 – Peyton’s Adoption

Peyton 1

Sweet Peyton, our adorable Basenji Mix, has been adopted by some really awesome folks! Meet Julie and Phillip, who live in Lebanon. They were looking at all the available dogs online and saw Peyton and realized she looked like a beloved dog of theirs that has passed away. They came to meet Peyton and fell […]

10/12/22 – Nick’s Adoption

148 2022 10 12 Nick

This story is overflowing with cuteness, and that’s an understatement. Meet Lukas and Megan, and their adorable daughters who are 4 and 2. They were specifically looking for a cute puppy that could grow up with their girls, and when they met Nick, it was love at first sight in all directions. When they first […]

10/12/22 – Gumbo’s Adoption

147 2022 10 12 Gumbo

Gumbo has been adopted by an amazing couple who live right here in Acton! Pictured with Gumbo are Gayle and Douglas, who have been waiting for just the right little dog to cross our threshold. They saw Gumbo online, fell in love, and called us. Once they met little Gumbo, it was clear to us […]

10/12/22 – Dug’s Adoption

146 2022 10 12 Dug

It’s hard to know who was happier about this particular adoption – Dug or his new mom. Meet Amanda, who along with husband Kenneth and their son and daughter have adopted our little buddy Dug. The family lives in Waterboro, and could not wait to get Dug home to start his new life that will […]

10/11/22 – Leaf’s Adoption

145 2022 10 11 Leaf

This adorable young couple, Eli and Alexys, live in Limerick, and they have excitedly adopted young Leaf. When Eli and Alexys contacted us, we could hear the excitement in their voices – Leaf is not their first dog, but when they arrived and met Leaf, it was as if he was their first – it […]

10/11/22 – Ginger’s Adoption

IMG 0455

We’re pleased as punch to share that sweet Ginger girl has been adopted! A rescue favorite from the moment she arrived, Ginger drew admirers from around the county and beyond, but it was retired couple Freeman and Janice from North Berwick that chose to adopt her. Freeman and Janice sent pictures an hour after Ginger […]

10/10/22 – Brady’s Adoption

IMG 0451

Can a dog’s “gotcha” day also be a birthday celebration? Absolutely. Young Brady, our precocious little Shih Tzu mix with a Texas-sized heart, has been adopted. Pictured are Mary and her husband Larry when they came to pick up Brady. Mary is the mother of one of our first ever arrivals (Vernon) and she and […]

10/8/22 – Butterscotch’s Adoption

142 2022 10 08 Butterscotch

We’re thrilled to report that Butterscotch has been adopted. We knew when the batch of super cute/adorable puppies arrived at Grammy Rose that they would go quickly, and Butterscotch became the first in her litter to meet and go home with her new family. Butterscotch was adopted by Anna and Ben who live in Waterboro. […]

10/4/22 – Flower’s Adoption

140 2022 10 04 Flower 1

Sweet Flower has been adopted, and got to be a living birthday and anniversary gift in the process! Flower has been adopted by Brandon, Kim and their 2 kids who live in nearby Shapleigh. Brandon reached out to us and wanted to surprise Kim on her anniversary and birthday with sweet Flower. Just take a […]

10/4/22 – Johnnie’s (Pepper’s) Adoption

139 2022 10 04 Johnnie

Our awesome and cool pal Johnnie has a new family, a new home, and a new name (Pepper) and we’re thrilled! Pepper was adopted by Kevin and Judy, who live in nearby Wakefield, NH. Kevin told us he was looking for a new BFF, and he found one in Pepper. Kevin can’t wait to go […]

10/4/22 – Sasha’s Adoption

141 2022 10 04 Sasha

We’re super excited to share that Sasha has been adopted! Anyone who was on campus the day Sasha arrived will remember she was a little overwhelmed by the long journey from Texas and was a little shaky as she came off the transport van. Fast forward 4 or 5 days and she was the “belle […]

9/27/22 – Kenzie’s Adoption

137 2022 09 27 Kenzie

Sweet Kenzie has a new family and a new home, and we couldn’t be happier! Kenzie has been adopted by Jenny and Michael and their daughter who live right here in Acton. Kenzie gains a sibling pup, a 4 year old with whom she will get to play fetch, run, ride in the car and […]